Meet YourDay and start a Journal of your Life.

Enjoy journaling every day

  • Create your journal as easy as your Messenger

    YourDay is optimized for fast entering your thoughts. You open YourDay and you could immediately start typing

  • Look at your journal with the beautiful calendar

    Your journal will be organized as a beautiful animated calendar.

  • Your photos are your inbox

    Access all your photos and check, if you have used them in your journal or not. Just use your photo album as the inbox of your thoughts.

  • YourDay is optimized for EverNote

    EverNote is the leading cloud based note taking system. YourDay is the perfect partner for EverNote. Your Journal is a Evernote Notebook

  • Uncluttered experience: one page per day

    All your journal entries ore organized in days. In a day you see a beautiful rendered page with all events for the day.

  • Native support for the Apple Watch

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YourDay is optimized for Evernote

  • Two-Way synchronization

    Create your Journal on your iOS Device or direct in Evernote. All entries will be synchronized and even merged for a perfect organized day

  • Journaling while online or offline

    You didn’t need to be online to create your content. Write your memories all the day. If you are online, the YourDay App synchronize your journal in the Background

  • Optimized data transfer

    The YourDay app is optimized to synchronize as few data as possible. So you can write and didn’t need to worry about memory or data plan limitations.

Evernote is the leading note taking Plattform in the cloud. You find Evernote on every device With YourDay, it is easy as never before to write a journal and use it with Evernote everywhere.

The full native journaling experience on the Apple Watch

  • One Button Journal

    Start with a tap not the button and dictate immediately your thoughts

  • Your Photos Are Your Inbox

    See your latest photo shots and dictate your thoughts about them.

  • Statistics, Flashback and More

    See your progress as a complication, see a nice graphical statistic about your journaling progress and be impressed with rich notifications and colorful reminders about the past.