Your journal should be everywhere

Your Journal should be everywhere …

A Journal is more as a diary. It is your companion of your life. A place, where you put in your memories, your experiences, good times and bad times. All the stuff to unload your heart and brain. For me this is good, but it needs to be better. The place where I put my feelings and actions should be everywhere. Everywhere, where I am being. And this is not my personal mobile device. It should be on all other devices where I have access to. My Journal needs to be moved to the cloud.

But safety and reliability is a must have

I don’t want to put my journal on a place, where I haven’t no control or to a service, which is owned by a too small company.  I consider the following points as a must have for a good cloud service for my journal:

  • It must be renowned in the cloud market.
  • It must have a proven secure infrastructure.
  • It must have a absolutely open api and should be very easy to migrate my journal to other places
  • It should have excellent apps for every major platform like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X (and surely Linux).

There aren’t much contenders which fulfill these requirements. I know only to services, which could do it: Evernote and OneNote. OneNote is keeping up momentum but currently only Evernote is established and good enough for my purpose.

And the winner is: Evernote

For the YourDay app, the winner is clear. It is Evernote. And I made  YourDay a first class experience in conjunction with Evernote.

You can use YourDay without EverNote and without any cloud service just on your device, but I beg to you: Try YourDay with Evernote. You will be surprised what you can do with your journal. The limit is just the sky.