Idea for a new Today Screen

I am fiddling with a new Today Screen iOS 11 and thinking about a new screen layout. The current YourDay app is all about content creating. The goal is to create a journal as fast and easy as possible. You start the app, enter your thoughts without distraction and save it in your journal. But maybe, another layout is more … Read More

Mosaic Layout with several images

Hi, I am testing currently a layout with several images for your journal. The idea is, that you as a user could select a maximum of 4 photos for one journal entry. The photos will be combined to a mosaic layout, which will be synchronized to Evernote (and back to the YourDay app). This is a first draft for the … Read More

Your journal should be everywhere

Your Journal should be everywhere … A Journal is more as a diary. It is your companion of your life. A place, where you put in your memories, your experiences, good times and bad times. All the stuff to unload your heart and brain. For me this is good, but it needs to be better. The place where I put my feelings and actions should be … Read More