Yourday Release Notes 1.4 - Bug-Hunter Edition

The Version 1.4 “Bug Hunter Edition” Version 1.4 is now available in the AppStore and it can be downloaded now. Currently there are some bugs related to Evernote that I haven’t been able to reproduce yet. I hope that this version will help me to track down the bugs a little more. The basis for this is an improved functionality to send me better bug reports. If you send me a mail with an error information, corresponding log files will also be sent. ...

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Version 1.35 of YourDay released - A new beginning

About version 1.35 - A new beginning Yes, it took a while but now it’s here: the new version 1.35 of YourDay of my favorite app for creating my personal diary in Evernote. This version includes several new features, experimental features and of course a lot of bug fixes. But to be honest, some bugs from YourDay that appear in your area I couldn’t reproduce yet. I’m currently working on a new version that has a significantly improved ability to diagnose errors. ...

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