Yourday Release Notes 1.4.4

Version 1.4.4, “ENML bug finally found?” I have been using my app YourDay for many years. Even many years before the app was even available in the AppStore. YourDay is characterized by the fact that journal entries are grouped into days. Your journal entries are “sorted” exactly for time and year into the correct day. What’s the meaning of this? How YourDay works with journal entries Well, if you use YourDay together with Evernote, which I highly recommend, a separate note will be created for every day. ...

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Yourday Release Notes 1.4.3 - Support for the Dark Mode on Evernote

To version 1.4.3, “Dark Mode Evernote Edition.” I’m a big fan of dark mode on the Mac. It helps me in my work to concentrate me on the essential aspects and also simplifies writing. Unfortunately, with YourDay, the separation areas for the different sections of a day were not readable in Evernote’s Dark Mode view. There were just bright, glowing stripes. With the now available version 1.4.3 this changes. The grey separation areas are displayed in such a way that they look good both in dark mode and in classic light mode. ...

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