The new dark mode in the YourDay app

Dark and mysterious - the new Dark Mode

More and more people are going through the same thing as me. They activated the Dark Mode in MacOS and for them it’s simply more relaxing than looking at a brightly lit surface all day long. Also on the iPhone I like to use apps that support Dark Mode. One fantastic example for using a dark mode is Evernote. In a previous version I had already adapted the YourDay app, so that it optimally supports the dark mode within the generation of journal entries. But it was nagging on me. I also wanted to have an option for YourDay to support dark mode in the interface and not only in my journal. With version 1.5 the time has finally come true. The Dark Mode has finally arrived and I think it has become really beautiful.

To activate Dark Mode in the Settings

You can easily activate the Dark Mode in the settings of the YourDay app. You can find the settings by tapping on the small gear in the title bar of the YourDay App. In previous version there were always been possibilities to change the theme colors of YourDay. Now there is a small switch for enabling the Dark Mode above the colors. If you tap it, you’ll see the app in the dark layout. Originally I thought it would be good to offer the dark mode as a new separate color combination. But now it’s an additive to the colors. That means, there is now a dark mode for all existing color combinations offered so far. This creates in my point of view really beautiful color variants.

A few screenshots with the new dark mode

Write a journal entry in light or dark mode

The calendar or timeline in light or dark mode

The settings

What do you think of the feature?

I myself am a fan of dark mode and run all apps in this mode on both my Mac and my iPhone as far as I can. However, I am fully aware that dark mode is not for everyone. But if you use the feature, feel free to give me some feedback. What do you like, what do you like less? Are there places in the program that I overlooked and where the dark mode doesn’t work well?

I’m happy to receive any feedback from you!

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    The new dark mode in the YourDay app
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