Yourday Release Notes 1.4.4

Version 1.4.4, “ENML bug finally found?”

I have been using my app YourDay for many years. Even many years before the app was even available in the AppStore. YourDay is characterized by the fact that journal entries are grouped into days. Your journal entries are “sorted” exactly for time and year into the correct day. What’s the meaning of this?

How YourDay works with journal entries

Well, if you use YourDay together with Evernote, which I highly recommend, a separate note will be created for every day. The note technically consists of a kind of HTML, so that extensive formatting is possible. YourDay inserts a new journal entry in exactly the right place of the day. For example, you want to comment a photo you took several days ago. When you select the photo, the exact time when the photo was taken is read from the image. If you save your entry, it will be inserted at exactly the right place in the timeline of the day.

And what does that have to do with version 1.4.4?

Now it has happened by several users of the YourDay App, that a so-called ENML error occurred. ENML is the internal format used by Evernote to store notes. From a technical point of view it probably happened that YourDy made mistakes when “disassembling” and “merging” the note.

I have now rewritten the internal code for processing ENML and sincerely hope, that the error will no longer occur. Time will tell.

The recognition of your location didn’t work

Unfortunately a bad mistake crept into the App some time ago. Normally, YourDay tries to locate your position when the app is open. But unfortunately, in many cases the location was not determined, which meant that your location information in the journal entries was missing. I’m very sorry for the mistake. The bug is now fixed.

The complete release notes

  • The processing of Evernote notes has been significantly improved. I hope that the ENML errors will be a thing of the past.
  • Fixed crashes in the subsequent editing of journal entries.
  • The automatic location detection now works again when opening the app.
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